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Our reforestation project in Nepal is creating a buffer zone of forest around the protected Chitwan National Park – an incredible wildlife sanctuary near the Indian border. The project extends the animals habitat and provides employment for surrounding communities.

The challenge

Chitwan National Park is an epic wildlife sanctuary near the Indian Border. The park is home to a huge variety of different mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians including the endangered One Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger and Gharial Crocodile. While the heritage-listed park is protected from deforestation, the surrounding area has been severely deforested.

Our action

Our efforts in Nepal are focussed on planting and expanding the environmental buffer zone around the park. Replanting this area extends the animals’ habitat, sequesters carbon to combat climate change, and provides income for the local communities.

Rural communities in Nepal directly depend on their local ecosystems to live. When these ecosystems are damaged, locals’ lives are directly impacted. Employing locals to plant trees helps them provide for their families and restores balance to the ecosystems that help provide for them. Planting trees and rejuvenating the forests helps draw clean water to the surface, which boosts agricultural production, as well as providing habitat for wildlife too.

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